The Wind’s Lament

Looking out over the water from the window this morning, you could tell the wind was strong by the movement of the waves. I had heard its unsettled lament throughout the night, as though it was echoing my restless thoughts as I laid there awake.

Morning brought a serene blue sky, so rich in color after all the gray, but the wind was stormy.


I finally got organized outside in my chair on the deck in the sun—books, paper, pencils, hoodie, coffee and cap. The trees swayed and the tall sea grass hailed its morning welcome like a field of arms waving back at me.

Before long, my eyes hurt from the bright glare and I put up the big blue umbrella which had endured the winter outside this year. I peeked underneath, checking for Belfry the bat, who has made it his home lately and there he was hanging in full view. I popped up, “Belfry!” I said, unnerved to have met him face to face. Usually, he tucks himself neatly behind one of the wooden supports.

“Hi,” I mumbled from outside the umbrella. He swooped down with my final yank, and as I hooked it into place, he flew off. Like last summer, I think we will share this space just fine.

I sat down and opened my big hard-covered journal when Belfry landed on my arm. As I jumped up, he jumped down and did his batwalk over to the wood pile, crawling in-between several logs. Gathering my wits, that was a little too close little Belfry, I sat back down and exhaled. Bats don’t have boundaries like seagulls, I thought to myself.

I finally settled into my chair, quieting my overactive thoughts that still lingered from the night. I looked up just in time to see three gulls soar overhead. They were followed by two smaller, fidgety birds, flapping hard to keep up. Are they trying to learn how to soar too, I wondered? I’m like the fidgety birds, struggling to move forward. I’ve started this new blog and now worry that I have nothing of value or interest to say.

Write for yourself, I hear my husband’s voice in my head. As long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters. I remembered then, that’s how it all began.

Caught a photo of a Monarch this morning. Symbol of Hope.

Take it a line at a time. Listen more than think.  Listen to the wisdom hidden in the Wind.




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