Missing Mexico

Refreshed from sleep

eyes open wide

in silence and light

here I lie


Holding fast to the beauty

seen and now gone

in stillness

the picture’s within


I long for the air

the moisture and heat

climbing rocks

crave sand on my feet


I long most of all

for Your touch on my mind

in the quiet

I had time to find


To let Your clear water flow into me

Bringing peace

gentle thoughts

like a hymn


The chill within gone

my winter passed

I’ve come home

To Your beauty within



2 thoughts on “Missing Mexico

  1. Deb,
    Beautiful. Your words perfectly evoke that alpha state where we seem to exist on numerous planes of existence at once. From this vantage point we can see in all dimensions. Briefly we understand the connections between all things allowing us the opportunity to luxuriate in wisdom and comfort. Thank you so much Deb for this lovely evocation of those fleeting moments of oneness.



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