Wild Blessings

I reach for my gray flannel zippered hoodie rubbed raw at the elbows. My heart waiting at the precipice of rebirth, worn from wandering and wondering, I am raw. Stained front and back, zipper broken, no longer able to retain warmth, I cling. I am stained. Lowly lady of the night, wandering aimlessly in shadowed thoughts, haunted [...]

A Place in the Middle

A day's work doesn't end--there is always, always something more that needs attention and time. And the more you care the more you notice and soon, the less of yourself there is to share. Will I ever again know the freedom of a child's careless days? How much time did I waste? Then later, so busy [...]

Migration Hazards

I lifted my head and craned my neck to look at the clock and felt a sharp pain in my shoulders just as Mary pounced on my stomach. We really need a bigger bed I thought as I strained to read the red numbers on the clock. 2:40 am. I tried to swallow away the [...]

Earth’s Radiance

A blade of grass lines up in the field. Obedient grass. Blade by blade you make a lush covering of warmth over the cold, dark earth.   Silent one, be firm. As the grass knows better than to slip backward or wander off, moment by moment, be present.   Obey, today, the nudge. Turn grumblings to laughter, distress to joy.   [...]

A Prayer

Stir my heart to prayer, Lord, turn my mind to you. Let prayer be my noble cause, may belief be no effort.   A broken heart waits, a child sits in despair, a mother, overwhelmed. A father, lost.   For I knew these things well and closed my eyes to you, my ears.   Your face shone on my darkness, [...]

The Art of Discipline

First comes joy's anticipation--beauty to behold. Then the daily drudgery of mastering the tendu. Pulls, tears, breaks--the pain of perfecting technique. Joy becomes something of the past as I am forced into stillness, injured. Then, evidence of healing appears. The unfortunate coincidence becomes the realization that His forethought has been pulling me near, close to the heart [...]

The Dance

In dance, one's center is found through discipline and repetition, grounding and opposition, commitment and passion, humility, taking risks and falling, etc. Nurtured by the creative spirit, it’s where grace and true freedom of movement is found and art is born. And dance is most powerful when shared. To me, it's a metaphor of life [...]