A Prayer

Stir my heart to prayer, Lord,

turn my mind to you.

Let prayer be my noble cause,

may belief be no effort.


A broken heart waits,

a child sits in despair,

a mother, overwhelmed.

A father, lost.


For I knew these things well

and closed my eyes to you, my ears.


Your face shone on my darkness,

your arm reached,

your hand gripped as I slid.

And I answered your kindness with a kick–

yes, I confess, a few…


You felt my strain but made my heart of stone

into a heart of flesh.


Your spirit in me,

Your patience and acceptance, now my friends.

Your inspiration.

Your love.


You do more

than what I could ever ask or imagine.


A hurting world waits, Lord.


Bend my ear to you.

Stir my heart to prayer.





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