A Place in the Middle

A day’s work doesn’t end–there is always, always something more that needs attention and time.

And the more you care the more you notice and soon, the less of yourself there is to share.

Will I ever again know the freedom of a child’s careless days? How much time did I waste? Then later, so busy working and proving my worth.

Waste? Worth?

Who measures and who is able to judge one’s life? That man on the corner, the woman at the desk, demanding youth? They know nothing of your true needs, concerns, effort.

How do I find that place in the middle? Worth is assured and waste has no place, each moment, valued and can turn from judgements and slights.

Withdraw to that place of rest not waste and accept your limitations. Lay your head on the pillow of Peace.

Rest weary one, now rest. What does God ask–to work for Him or to live with Him, right there at that place in the middle.

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