Wild Blessings


I reach for my gray flannel zippered hoodie rubbed raw at the elbows.

My heart waiting at the precipice of rebirth, worn from wandering and wondering, I am raw.

Stained front and back, zipper broken, no longer able to retain warmth, I cling.

I am stained.

Lowly lady of the night, wandering aimlessly in shadowed thoughts, haunted by misspoken words, carelessness.

Your Sunlight bursts upon me in spite of myself, torn and worn, and reveals desperation within.

My inadequacies, my confessions–these wild blessings–drive me into this present moment, into Your Presence

You come to me like rain to earth.

I pursue Your Knowledge as You pour out Your gentle drops of Grace.

You turn wondering to wonders, wandering to wonder-filled.

There must be death and sorrow before rebirth, before living in the Sunlight of Your Love.

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