First To Final Breath

In the beginning God created. Formless and empty darkness covered the deep place of her soul. The Spirit of God was hovering, protecting, participating in the creative work. God spoke into her light. He knew Light was Good. He separated light from darkness for her to discover, offering a vast canopy over her head, high [...]

Just for a Day

I told Todd this morning that I was going to turn my phone off today, and he said, "When? 11:59 pm?" I forgot to take my phone to work yesterday and felt free. If it's true that digital distractions are deafening our ears, darkening our spirits, destroying faith, and creating in its place a sick [...]

Saturday Sunrise 

Bend toward the rising sun To the flames of the Spirit's brush Longing to see, to hear, to know, to follow, to do what is just.  Given to each is good purpose and promises in the Word Open ears to listen to the Voice in the wind unheard.  Grant Wisdom and clear out confusion to [...]