O Child of Awe

If you, in the midst of the carols and cards carry sorrow, don’t be discouraged. It was a dark day for Him too. He made Himself nothing to give us the light of His Knowledge in a wee Babe’s face. Though a great company of heavenly hosts appeared saying, “Glory!”, He laid in straw in [...]

He Heard Me Think

I can barely perceive the thread of light--the Fisherman's line cast down into the depths of thought. No hook is needed, only a tiny opening, a single thought, and with its sharp penetration the shadows vanish. The invisible line becomes a Lightbeam, doubt is swept out. The vessel shines.  He enters, sits, as I quickly [...]


The last of the leaves linger on the low branches. I can just barely make out fall's final statement of color on the trees. They stand exposed as the howl of the wind whistles through the sinews and tendons extending skyward. The air is icy, breath crystallized, swirls of mist twirl like smoke. Winter's silver [...]

True Light

I look at the lights on our Christmas tree and wonder if there was a send-off party before He came here. Were lights strung on the trees there, and ribbons wrapped around gifts for Him in honor of the great Gift He would give to us? I wonder if He met with Moses, sat down with Samuel, discussed [...]