True Light

I look at the lights on our Christmas tree and wonder if there was a send-off party before He came here. Were lights strung on the trees there, and ribbons wrapped around gifts for Him in honor of the great Gift He would give to us?

I wonder if He met with Moses, sat down with Samuel, discussed temptation with David or depression with Job. I wonder if there were long walks with the Father beside bright glistening waters, pondering as they prayed for each of their children here on earth.

Was there one final meal? Roasted meats, bowls of Fruits, scented with cinnamon and ginger, fine wine? Did He just disappear to reappear in the dark nest of a young woman’s womb? Or with Gabriel, through heavens, through galaxies, past stars, bursts of flames, shooting stars did he travel?  To arrive–planted seed–while the world lay unknowing unseeing.

Born of Light, He brought Light. Into our night, He came.

Now the candles are lit, flames of Hope for the lonely, lit for the tempted, the lost and the broken, sad and depressed, or mildly contented. We stand beneath lights on our trees, and in front of our wreaths on the doors where He knocks and listens. He waits. Do you hear? Lift your eyes. He once walked here in sandals, betrayed and rejected, and is acquainted with all that you carry and bear. He sees. He’s the Host of Christmas who protects and provides, anoints, with abundance He blesses, and meets you there where repentance is turned into Grace.

So sing songs of Joy. He comes for a reason, New Life–to plant Love within you. A path lies before you, lit bright with Hope–Christmas leads us from wandering to Wonder…

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