The day’s begun, I bow my head,

and whisper words beneath the sun.

Bring power and majesty to this earth

so within all life there is rebirth.

I will not doubt Your Presence, still;

but lift my eyes up to the hill.

Send down Your grace and teach me love.

Keep our eyes focused on You above.

Revised. Originally posted in November 10, 2016. Words Whispered

11 thoughts on “Focus

  1. With our faith honestly anchored in Christ, we can reflect the good in our lives, because the Lord is the source of virtue. And it is a blessing to those who believe, reach the rest and the shelter of faith.


    1. Yes, my photos generally inspire my writing. I’m grateful for my phone that captures the moments but I would love to have time to learn to use a real camera. Some day maybe. Thanks for asking Lynn.


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