The Light of One

The tree limbs and branches sprawl and spread across the floating balloon of a sun. Light pushes through, taking center stage with brilliance.

Place your candle on the table. Reveal its flickering flame. Even the wick’s embers, smoldering, glow. Its beauty, but a breath, like a life, may help light the way for another.

In memory of a brilliant young man who took his life at 17.

5 thoughts on “The Light of One

  1. At last, the waters of civilization dissolve me,
    as the sea dissolves the earth,
    the blood dissolves in the waters;
    and set me free from myself, while dust.
    My soul is sheltered in Its simplest elements,
    because it was bought before,
    and gains with His Light a survival,
    and a continued Hope.

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  2. What a beautiful post, Deb. Your poetic theme speaks straight to my heart…but oh, how my heart breaks to read your dedication of this post. I pray the young man’s family continues to receive comfort from those who know them and that God especially wraps His arms around them. Hugs!


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