A Winter’s Walk

The last of the leaves linger on branches that twist and gnarl, vulnerable and exposed, extending skyward. The wind moans and whistles through their sinews and tendons. The air is icy, my breath crystallized as swirls of mist twirl like smoke in front of me.

It’s not quite as cold as yesterday’s subzero. Cars passing spray water from spinning wheels but I’m glad I wore extra layers.

A light dust of snow is falling, sparkling as I lift my eyes and blink. It’s dusk. I hear the crunch of ice from my boots. A day of cleaning and a late cup of coffee have brought with it contentment. I take in the beauty.

Winter’s darkening silver sky will soon toss down another blanket—branches adorned, glistening against rays of evening light. More snow is predicted tonight.

We will wake to a land robed in white, each thread of the garment glowing as the rising sun delivers healing in its rays. His signs, His wonders establish His Name among us—the risen Son.


14 thoughts on “A Winter’s Walk

  1. Your reflections are so beautiful, Deb. I can hear the crunching snow and feel the cold chapping my cheeks. You paint such vivid images with your words… you capture all the senses and then you remind me of the Creator who gave these beautiful sights, sounds and feelings to us! Extraordinary post, my dear friend!

    By the way, I owe you an email… I will write soon, but I go out of town tomorrow. I will write when I return. I promise! Love you much! Happy New Year, my soulsis! ❤ ❤

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  2. Peaceful and lovely
    this snapshot of gratitude.


    Your tone is one of praise, even when discussing winter’s cold.
    It is snowing here with serious intent. It is so beautiful and so quiet.
    Days like this are my bliss, and go well with your fine writing.
    thank you,


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    1. Dear Sarah, I feel that as I write, that sense of worship, but when I step away from it doubts sneak in. The words of encouragement I receive from a few return me to the place of peace within myself as I continue on in this new writing journey of mine. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for taking the time to share in the work. Much love to you, Deb


  3. You paint such a vivid image in my mind, Deb. You have a beautiful way with words. I can see and hear the wonders of the snow. I find such hope in the final thought of how “each thread of the garment glowing as the rising sun delivers healing in its rays. His signs, His wonders establish His Name among us—the risen Son.” Thank you for encouraging me today! Love and hugs!

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