Eyes clear, ears soothed. No stone impedes your progress. The thin veil discloses gray forms, edges and outline, yet above and beyond—energy: ever-active, inventive, protective—in and around, it comes. New Life. The yearning for oneness connects and, contented, you slowly hear, begin to see in the forms, edges and outline that which you once overlooked. As from a distance, the water’s surface resembles a sprawling field.

There beyond, sit hundreds of specks scattered as far as the eye can see. Just past the warning sign: No Lifeguard on Duty, ice, choppy from the current beneath, thoughts battle with heart—a hair’s breadth from choppy, scattered despair—to bring peace.

Wings of gulls suddenly rise off the lake, slashing and swooping, up down, up down, up down. Exhilaration overshadows humility in the heights. Down beneath, with water comes release—freedom discovered in the contrast of our heights and depths.

The sun’s light is sheltered behind a swaddling of clouds subduing its brilliance, yet revealing shadows within and around. Water rushes up to the tips of my impractical shoes and I retreat as the charcoal water suddenly sparkles like stars in night’s sky, and I’m at once reminded of my own immersion, my surrender to the One who holds it all together.

Photo by Larm Rmah

14 thoughts on “Induction

  1. So symbolic …
    It reminded me something I write, pure intuition seeking a logical form. (I ask your license!)

    From the mud to the sea,
    from the sea to the sun.
    The dust, the sea, and the light;
    The nothingness is an abstraction.

    Desire, of me the best and only The good;
    of the self nor the foam;
    the soul knows how to swim.

    All in One, with pertinence;
    the sea and the Light;
    he that deny and the shadow.

    As in music,
    there are sounds and silences,
    brief pauses and long pauses.

    The Truth, the Judgment, and the Wisdom converge for the Good and the Light.

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  2. Deb,

    I am most taken by the way this evolves, a good reminder that it all begins and ends
    with Him, an awakening of gratitude and a reassertion of faith. No higher reason to be.
    brava to you!


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    1. Sarah,

      I responded to your lovely comment and just noticed it’s not here— Did you receive it…? Anyway, your keen insight summarized my thoughts better than I ever could! Thank you. 💛



      1. I’m not sure that it’s your phone, Deb. People whom I have been following for quite some time had disappeared from my ‘reader’ list. I thought they were busy and just not writing, but after your comment, I went looking and found they had been writing, I just wasn’t getting notified. I spent this morning going through my ‘follow’ list and tracking down posts by just visiting sites and looking for new work. I’m guessing it’s a glitch. I’ll keep my eyes open though.


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  3. The dawn, in your beautifully poetic prose, becomes inextricably linked with our walk with Abba! You invite me to experience each of the sights and sounds distant and yet drawing me near… and suddenly, I see a connection between the Creator and my spirit. Debbie, your write carries me to the heights, again and again! So amazing.

    On another note, dear Deb, is there something different about your blog? It seems like a new format… But then, I often read posts in “reader” and so perhaps it is just that I haven’t seen your actual page in a while but have simply read your posts in “reader.” Whatever the case, I love the simplicity of your design… it perfectly compliments your powerful words which need no further decoration. Your posts present like an acoustic version of the most glorious song. Most powerful when presented simply. Love it all! Love you! xo ❤

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    1. Oh Lynn, you do keep me going. Sometimes I feel I’m indulging in something I should let go of. Like my husband says, “You’re writing again for your 8 readers…?” 🙂 Even one reader matters to me if they are touched by God. But…I have been wondering lately if this is how He wants me spending my spare time. I’ve been praying about that so your words mean a lot…Thank you. Same old site, (though I am getting close to launching a new site for the blog and book so you can imagine my anxiety if I have gone a direction God didn’t intend…oh let’s hope not! Writing is lonely sometimes. 💛Love you, Deb

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      1. Only nine readers, dear Deb? I think not. You have tons of followers but of course, not everyone comments or even “likes” a post. Many just read and enjoy. But a few of us “blabber mouths” like to write comments 😉😉 Please don’t be discouraged, dear friend!! I miss you when I haven’t seen you here in a while. You make a significant difference! xo ❤️❤️


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