The Blossom

Sun, where have you gone?

Seeds of youth now buried deep,

yet fed by soil still.


Nourishing our growth,

from darkness comes Your brilliance;

streams of light at dawn.


Pass not a shadow

of unrest, but protecting,

till our faith takes hold.


Beauty yet unseen,

under earth, beneath Your light,

roots prepare for flight.

Rose Everlasting, Washington Island Cabin July, 2013



5 thoughts on “The Blossom

    1. Sarah, this particular blossom took 12 years to appear. When I was leaving the cabin that summer, it was a tight little bloom and I was sad I wouldn’t be there for it’s unfolding. As I sat doing my morning Bible study in the chair my mom used to sit in to do hers, the bud kept catching my attention. As I was leaving, I went to check on it and it literally opened before my eyes into the picture you see. It was like a movie in fast forward. With God’s touch on our lives, as He tells us, anything is possible. Love, Deb


  1. Oh, Deb… I’m so aggravated. I have followed your blog. I check my “reader” nearly daily, and still your posts are not showing up on my reader. Grrrr… your posts are the post I most wish to read and yet, there seems to be a “conspiracy” to prevent me from seeing them. Sigh.

    Your poetry is absolutely extraordinary, Deb… but of course, it is! Your prose certainly suggests that you are a poet… and now, I have found you out! 🙂 I love your description of the rose and its inner life…and although you leave it to us to surmise in your poem, the blossom certainly serves as a metaphor for our lives! I find such quiet joy in your beautiful words. Your writing never fails to bring me peace… and to usher me into the presence of Abba! Love and hugs!


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