Always Two Glasses

I wake to the sound of your sweeping

up dust from the week and my dreams left from sleep

through restless nights where we stirred between walls

because you let me hold our old dog in your place.


We wrestled with thoughts, then passed in the hall

eyes meeting, our lips turned to smiles.


You bring me my coffee then strum your guitar,

and I think of your care for that man with the bags.

Your tenderness shows beyond what you know

shooing demons I’ve long accepted.


We once ran, sweat dripping, but now

our feet hurt, vision blurred, so

we light candles and eat dinner to movies.


You’ve built us a castle.


When the day comes, and there is just one,

as the sun sets still set out two glasses.

I will always be with you, I’ll take you with me–

growing old we grow up, and go on.


Photo by Anthony Tran

3 thoughts on “Always Two Glasses

  1. Dear Sarah.

    What a lovely thing to say. My husband has written several songs for me so what I special way of interpreting this.

    You never know how your words will touch someone,,.these surely touched me.

    Thank you,



  2. Sarah is absolutely right… this is a beautiful love song! What word pictures you create here! And I can truly “see” your dog, your husband playing his guitar… the two glasses sitting on the table. All of these images capture the essence of a life of love… you paint such beautiful images with your poetry! I especially loved this! Love you! ❤


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