Look and see! The sun makes its daily triumphant entrance, sweeps it’s brilliance across the expanse of the sky, pours out its presence on all things, then slips away to give you a little space.

It jogs away every night only to circle back to you first thing in the morning. Its entrance saturates your mind, brings light to your eyes, shines on what’s good and what’s not, restores and renews.

It subtly departs, leaving you in peace but not before it has warmed you throughout. It has proven itself dependable.

It will always return like the radiance of God who trains me not to look for perks but His Presence!

Feature Photo by Yeshi Kangrang

9 thoughts on “Radiant

  1. Deb,

    As I read your words, I felt tension slipping from me.
    What beautiful reaffirmation of the glorious gifts we
    are given. “Radiant” is radiant with faith and gratitude.
    With those two attributes, what on earth could ever hold
    us down? Nothing that I can think of. Beautiful work!

    Thank you for the pleasure of this spiritual peace/piece.



      1. Many blessings, Deb,

        I sure hope this little scourge passes quickly for both of us. In the meantime, I shall spend some time reading on your site. I can think of know better way to pamper my self.

        Bunches of love,

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “It jogs away every night only to circle back to you first thing in the morning…” I absolutely love this image! So delightful! I’m smiling at the thought of the sun as an illusive jogger. 🙂 But it is your final line that wraps me in quiet confidence and peace. His presence rather than perks… yes, that is what I seek. This is beautiful in every way, dear Deb! Your words dance across my screen and I find joy in the every day! Love and hugs to you, my talented friend! ❤


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