Little Holes in My Heart

You walked with me that day even though you had a blister covering the corner of your heel from our hike the day before. The Tucson sun beat down on the exposed skin of your neck and calves, turning them pink even though you took extra care with the sunscreen. But the wind was cool against your fair skin, reminding me of our Island days in Northern Wisconsin, where life was simpler.

I didn’t admit that my thoughts weren’t bright. Like the pointy toothed cacti we passed would pierce our skin, prickly words had punctured little holes in my heart.

I took your hand. When life hurts, it helps. Your familiar fingertips pressed in where I feared life was dripping out. I hate my failure to protect us all better. I begin to see hate as pain.

The Wind wrapped its hum around my eardrums saying, hush.

His Presence, invisible but a Force, stirs around and within to loosen the burdens we carry and then waits while we cling and linger.

A sense of refuge descended as we walked past the zoo to the pond where a majestic looking bird suddenly expanded its wings, splashing jewels of water before our eyes.

6 thoughts on “Little Holes in My Heart

  1. Deb,

    Another of yours that missed my reader list.
    This one brings such peace. You comfort
    us with the reminder that no one is alone,
    even in those moments when the thorn outdoes
    the bloom. .Your poem reminds me of Psalm 46:10.
    “Be still and know that I am God;”
    I have it on my bulletin board. I have printed out your
    beautiful prose poem and put it on the bulletin board
    beside the Psalm. You are sandwiched between God’s
    words and those of Mahatma Gandhi (“My life is my message”).
    I must say, you keep good company, my friend.


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