16 thoughts on “Senses Be Still

      1. A definition according to Diffen.com: “Oceans are vast bodies of water that cover roughly 70% of the earth. Seas are smaller and partially enclosed by land. The five oceans of the earth are in reality one large interconnected water body. In contrast, there are over 50 smaller seas scattered around the world.”

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      2. After the Storms – Ivan Lins
        They always lived in the same boat.
        They were flour from the same bag
        From the same navy, from the same queen
        Under the same flag
        Trembling on the mast
        And so they followed the stars

        Cut the ropes and knots
        Leaving port and pier behind
        Screaming until I lose my voice
        In search of the immense,
        Of the most intense silence
        What is after the thunderstorms

        And so they were moving on
        Making love to the seven seas
        Swelling Algae and Fish Water
        Following the winds
        The tides and currents
        The way of the dolphins
        The Whale Trail
        And there were no reefs
        No sandbars
        Neither fears nor more pains
        There was no tiredness
        There was only, there was only blue and space

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