The New Plan

I’m moving!

Although some things don’t turn out as expected,

my plan for a website can now be detected.

Thanks to the pros at Norman Design,

Jeff Zmania and Lisa Wenzler, who were all so kind.

I’m still settling in and moving my things

but now both blogs and my book will all live like kings.

My Follows and Likes can’t take the trip

we’re starting from scratch so give me your grip.

You will need my address, no more writing from here

or we’ll be disconnected, but please have no fear.

With a little attention,

I’ll give you direction!

Follow me here to the new Not According to Plan Website.

IMG_1389 (1)

Website by Norman Design /  Photos by Jeff Zmania / Design by Lisa Wenzler

10 thoughts on “The New Plan

    1. Thanks so much for the good company Sarah. This was a bit of a challenge and more than a bit scary… :/ I wrote my first post on the new site this morning. Can you let me know if it shows up in the Reader? I don’t see it…here’s the link in case it doesn’t: So nerve wracking. I’ll get the hang of it. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope all is well with you–love, Deb

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      1. Deb,

        I’m not sure, but it looks like you are set up for email followers only. You aren’t showing in my reader. Your site is beautiful, and for certain I will visit. Love, Sarah

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