I heard the song of the cicadas outside my window and remembered the day we left Paradou. Jean Pierre held one between his fingers and told us how they live underground for seven years before emerging to life in that area of France. That's how long it took me to write Conversations with Dad, [...]


I realize, sometimes the only thing that stands between moving from trickles of beauty within, to an overflowing ocean, is to forget and forgive what's behind. The way others treat me should not determine my treatment of them. Instead, I only hope to treat those in my life as I would treat the Lord Himself--with [...]

A Safe Duck

It takes four hours for a chick to come out of its shell, up to ten for the runt who may be abandoned by its mother as she manages a dozen or so waddling, roving, hungry ducklings, anxious for a swim. The child watches and takes the tiny wet mass of feathers into her hand, [...]


There it is again, the breeze--wordless whispers against my skin. Air, unseen unless it interacts. What is it that gives me life? Oxygen. O2. You and me. I think I know what air is but I didn't listen in science class. I didn't study so it was news to me that air is only made [...]

Dancer Warm Up

Wake up! The Dancer comes, acknowledging you by name. He rejoices over you with dancing (Zephaniah 3:17), giving strength and supporting you with His Right Hand, turning you from problems to His Presence-- Plié: bending you toward the needs of others Tendu: stretching you to new accomplishments Dégagé: disengaging you from what is no longer necessary [...]