The Wild Within

I dreamt of mosquito net canopies cascading from tree branches overhead in the wild and woke up in my bed in Mexico to buzzing in my ear. I picked up my phone hoping it would say 5:00 but saw 3:00. AP flashed across the top of my screen that there had been a bombing in Brussels. Oh [...]

Morning in Mexico

“No, I can't have my coffee yet,” I say to Todd who is walking all tall and handsome like towards me with a freshly dripped cup of coffee, just the right temperature and color. “I haven't had my pill yet." “Which one?” He asks. “Your Hair Essentials?” I laugh. He smirks. “They’re on the shelf. [...]

Night Visitors

It's 3:00 a.m. and I wake up when Todd says, "There's a critter in your closet." Silence... "Rose is in there." Good, I think, go back to sleep. " it's behind the bed." "Sweetie, I don't need an update. Shh!" "Whoa!" "What?" "It just flew past me!" I pull the blanket over my head as [...]