Dancer Warm Up

Wake up! The Dancer comes, acknowledging you by name. He rejoices over you with dancing (Zephaniah 3:17), giving strength and supporting you with His Right Hand, turning you from problems to His Presence-- Plié: bending you toward the needs of others Tendu: stretching you to new accomplishments Dégagé: disengaging you from what is no longer necessary [...]

The Art of Discipline

First comes joy's anticipation--beauty to behold. Then the daily drudgery of mastering the tendu. Pulls, tears, breaks--the pain of perfecting technique. Joy becomes something of the past as I am forced into stillness, injured. Then, evidence of healing appears. The unfortunate coincidence becomes the realization that His forethought has been pulling me near, close to the heart [...]

The Dance

In dance, one's center is found through discipline and repetition, grounding and opposition, commitment and passion, humility, taking risks and falling, etc. Nurtured by the creative spirit, it’s where grace and true freedom of movement is found and art is born. And dance is most powerful when shared. To me, it's a metaphor of life [...]

With Grace

She called me Gracie to remind me to pray for grace. I called her Grace to remind me too. She taught me that grace is the essence of life. Without it, we fall. Today she lies in ICU, I don't know if I will ever hear her voice again. The voice of Grace in my [...]