What’s Up for Supper?

What’s Up for Supper?

It’s the end of a day that began with a 7:15 a.m. meeeting you were late for because your front right needed air. Many meetings, emails and whatnots later, your eyes burn and you wonder where all your energy went after so much sitting. You walk your pup, (or watch your aging dog sit and [...]

With Love From Troncones

There’s something out there. It’s white. Where? There! Look. A fish. We both stared out toward the horizon from our chairs facing the ocean as we drank our morning coffee, listening to the roar of the waves. A dolphin! Todd said, and picked up his binoculars. I looked. I see it! I said. There’s two. [...]

Salted or Unsalted?

I would rather pick out my own food at the grocery store than have someone shop for me. So when Todd asked if I’d like to have our groceries stocked at our rental before we arrived for the week, I said, No, let’s go to that grocery store we found in Zihuatanejo last year, because [...]

Imperfectly Perfect?

Sunday night, a good mystery, a fire in the fireplace...I stare at the flames and think of cooking--both need the right balance of timing, heat and attention. I hadn't planned a dinner party in a while. Making plans is not my preferred way of doing things. I like letting the day unfold with all its unexpectedness and if a meal [...]