Beneath the Surface

            The sun lifts its head from a world unknown.  Glades of light make pathways into rocky depths revealing what’s been hidden throughout the night. The icy tears lay like stones cast out over unsettled waters. Set in their ways, stones cannot be lifted without the help of another. Though moved [...]

Getting Dressed

Good morning! It's time to get dressed. Don't rush, as some do, reaching for the obvious with, "Hurry up, get busy!" already on their minds. I will clothe your mind. I will cover you in stain-free white. See how the sun flickers through the blossoms as My Radiant Light covers you. There are many choices in [...]

Wild Blessings

I reach for my gray flannel zippered hoodie rubbed raw at the elbows. My heart waiting at the precipice of rebirth, worn from wandering and wondering, I am raw. Stained front and back, zipper broken, no longer able to retain warmth, I cling. I am stained. Lowly lady of the night, wandering aimlessly in shadowed thoughts, haunted [...]

The Art of Discipline

First comes joy's anticipation--beauty to behold. Then the daily drudgery of mastering the tendu. Pulls, tears, breaks--the pain of perfecting technique. Joy becomes something of the past as I am forced into stillness, injured. Then, evidence of healing appears. The unfortunate coincidence becomes the realization that His forethought has been pulling me near, close to the heart [...]

With Grace

She called me Gracie to remind me to pray for grace. I called her Grace to remind me too. She taught me that grace is the essence of life. Without it, we fall. Today she lies in ICU, I don't know if I will ever hear her voice again. The voice of Grace in my [...]


I stepped outside onto the deck overlooking a forest of trees. Standing above them all gave me a sense of a strong foundation, something I had for a long time struggled to admit was missing. The cool Carolina air hit my face as I turned to slide the door closed behind me and wrapped myself [...]