The day's begun, I bow my head, and whisper words beneath the sun. Bring power and majesty to this earth so within all life there is rebirth. I will not doubt Your Presence, still; but lift my eyes up to the hill. Send down Your grace and teach me love. Keep our eyes focused on [...]

The Place I Love to Go

In the chill of the air I pull my shoulders up and duck my chin under the thickness of the scarf wrapped around my neck. I notice a silver hair--it's my mother's scarf. I also notice my sight has retreated into my thoughts and instead of enjoying beauty on the shore and fresh air, I'm [...]

Remembering the Corn Story

One Thanksgiving years ago, my dad read a story about some kernels of corn in his Reader’s Digest. He pointed it out to me and shared the magazine but, taking little interest in the subject matter, I didn’t read it. I'm sure my thoughts were on more important things at the time, like what I would wear for the Holiday [...]