Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

I open the door for a morning walk for the last time in Tucson with confidence that you are about to head home too, but with a confluence of emotions. I sweep away the dead leaves and twigs from the orange tree that have fallen since I swept yesterday. I want the road ahead clear [...]

Beyond the Moonrise

And there it was before me, or there it wasn't I should say. My path was buried under the earth, its final stretch beneath water. "Let it have its way," I said. "What was needed then is no longer needed now. The water has risen and come back to us." But I still longed to see it, the connection it stood [...]

Missing Mexico

Refreshed from sleep eyes open wide in silence and light here I lie   Holding fast to the beauty seen and now gone in stillness the picture's within   I long for the air the moisture and heat climbing rocks crave sand on my feet   I long most of all for Your touch on my [...]