Cat Lesson?

Cat Lesson?

Sustaining can sometimes mean surviving and surviving can sometimes be a battle--organizationally and personally. When I've been faced with limitations, my own or otherwise, I've said, You are my Refuge. Sustain me according to Your Purpose. Do not let my hopes be dashed. I have done my best to do what is right and good. [...]

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Fuel my heart O God until my soul's aflame Guide me on the path towards honesty not blame Fuel our hearts O LORD until our eyes may see Your Beauty here before us all conquering and free Fuel the world dear Father reveal to us Your Love Let unity and Peace burst forth from up [...]

O Child of Awe

O Child of Awe

But if you, in the midst of the carols and cards carry sorrow, don’t be discouraged. It was a dark day for Him too. He made Himself nothing to give us the light of His Knowledge in a wee Babe’s face. Though a great company of heavenly hosts appeared saying, “Glory!”, He laid in straw [...]

True Light

I look at the lights on our Christmas tree and wonder if there was a send-off party before He came here. Were lights strung on the trees there, and ribbons wrapped around gifts for Him in honor of the great Gift He would give to us? I wonder if He met with Moses, sat down with Samuel, discussed [...]

Saturday Sunrise 

Bend toward the rising sun To the flames of the Spirit's brush Longing to see, to hear, to know, to follow, to do what is just.  Given to each is good purpose and promises in the Word Open ears to listen to the Voice in the wind unheard.  Grant Wisdom and clear out confusion to [...]


Thirsty shores quenched by laughing, lapping waves. Sky wrinkled from a long night's work. Clouds, like cloaks, reveal pockets full of mystery. Against the somber waters, wings of hope appear and my eyes can see that nature, my close companion, understands the heart.