Getting Dressed

Good morning! It's time to get dressed. Don't rush, as some do, reaching for the obvious with, "Hurry up, get busy!" already on their minds. I will clothe your mind. I will cover you in stain-free white. See how the sun flickers through the blossoms as My Radiant Light covers you. There are many choices in [...]

The First Hour

How can this be? My first waking thoughts wrung with worries. My mind disobeys my heart. Can't you think good things? My husband asks. I try, I reply. If thoughts need purging, so too the heart. Who is the keeper of this heart? I'll go there. Can You choose my thoughts? I ask. Let's look [...]

Wild Blessings

I reach for my gray flannel zippered hoodie rubbed raw at the elbows. My heart waiting at the precipice of rebirth, worn from wandering and wondering, I am raw. Stained front and back, zipper broken, no longer able to retain warmth, I cling. I am stained. Lowly lady of the night, wandering aimlessly in shadowed thoughts, haunted [...]

The Dance

In dance, one's center is found through discipline and repetition, grounding and opposition, commitment and passion, humility, taking risks and falling, etc. Nurtured by the creative spirit, it’s where grace and true freedom of movement is found and art is born. And dance is most powerful when shared. To me, it's a metaphor of life [...]


Look up to the hills veiled in Light Look up to the vast space of Grace     How deep can Grace go? My uncertainty cried Fear is what I fear I know best   Look up to the lone standing tree     It points to the sky Reaching right, reaching left Pointing down to [...]

With Grace

She called me Gracie to remind me to pray for grace. I called her Grace to remind me too. She taught me that grace is the essence of life. Without it, we fall. Today she lies in ICU, I don't know if I will ever hear her voice again. The voice of Grace in my [...]