Love Letter

Little dove, my dearest one, you thought your life was almost done. But when you saw that you might sink, you fluffed your feathers and chirped, “Wait! Think! What about those things God has called my wings...?"

The Light of One

The Light of One

The tree limbs and branches sprawl and spread across the floating balloon of a sun. Light pushes through, taking center stage with brilliance. Place your candle on the table. Reveal its flickering flame. Even the wick's embers, smoldering, glow. Its beauty, but a breath, like a life, may help light the way for another. In [...]



The day's begun, I bow my head, and whisper words beneath the sun. Bring power and majesty to this earth so within all life there is rebirth. I will not doubt Your Presence, still; but lift my eyes up to the hill. Send down Your grace and teach me love. Keep our eyes focused on [...]

He Heard Me Think

I can barely perceive the thread of light--the Fisherman's line cast down into the depths of thought. No hook is needed, only a tiny opening, a single thought, and with its sharp penetration the shadows vanish. The invisible line becomes a Lightbeam, doubt is swept out. The vessel shines.  He enters, sits, as I quickly [...]

The Place I Love to Go

In the chill of the air I pull my shoulders up and duck my chin under the thickness of the scarf wrapped around my neck. I notice a silver hair--it's my mother's scarf. I also notice my sight has retreated into my thoughts and instead of enjoying beauty on the shore and fresh air, I'm [...]

Just for a Day

I told Todd this morning that I was going to turn my phone off today, and he said, "When? 11:59 pm?" I forgot to take my phone to work yesterday and felt free. If it's true that digital distractions are deafening our ears, darkening our spirits, destroying faith, and creating in its place a sick [...]