The day's begun, I bow my head, and whisper words beneath the sun. Bring power and majesty to this earth so within all life there is rebirth. I will not doubt Your Presence, still; but lift my eyes up to the hill. Send down Your grace and teach me love. Keep our eyes focused on [...]

My Sacred Little Moments

The seagrass lays wrapped in dried algae. The logs are unearthed and scattered. The rocks though have remained grounded. I think of the three pigs. The path will need a little work this summer. Sunlight sparkles jewels across the water and for just a moment I feel its warmth before the heavy clouds roll back [...]


Look up to the hills veiled in Light Look up to the vast space of Grace     How deep can Grace go? My uncertainty cried Fear is what I fear I know best   Look up to the lone standing tree     It points to the sky Reaching right, reaching left Pointing down to [...]