Remembering the Corn Story

One Thanksgiving years ago, my dad read a story about some kernels of corn in his Reader’s Digest. He pointed it out to me and shared the magazine but, taking little interest in the subject matter, I didn’t read it. I'm sure my thoughts were on more important things at the time, like what I would wear for the Holiday [...]

Full Moon 

I thought I'd let too much of the afternoon get away from me. I had wanted to take a walk.  I shut the door behind me as the sun was going under, the wind changed direction off the lake within a couple blocks, and I was sorry I hadn't worn an extra layer.  I picked [...]

Imperfectly Perfect?

Sunday night, a good mystery, a fire in the fireplace...I stare at the flames and think of cooking--both need the right balance of timing, heat and attention. I hadn't planned a dinner party in a while. Making plans is not my preferred way of doing things. I like letting the day unfold with all its unexpectedness and if a meal [...]

Whiff of Lavender 

It's a fall morning, golden and mild, much like the day had been five years ago. My eyes were just opening up to it as I lay still and alone with the memory, allowing my senses to respond to it, when the whiff of lavender passed over me. I took it in and noticed my arms [...]