Beside the Water

I live by one of the Great Lakes.

This means I am drawn

to the Lighthouse and

stand beside God’s glory

in the morning.

So often it’s like a picture

of His love pouring down,

or His grace or both.

It’s a beautiful way to start the day.

Though I don’t see it with

my eyes as I open His Word—

His Letter of Love to us—

I am filled with the same sense

of beauty and love and grace.

According to God’s love,

I am strengthened each day

and this little rock says more about

His love than I could write down

from now until eternity.

10 thoughts on “Beside the Water

    1. I am really touched by your recognition. Thank you. Is there a timeframe for responding? I received another award I haven’t had time to get to yet…:/ And btw, I never knew I was an empath! I fit the description. Honored and pleased to participate if I can take care of the other one first. Deb

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