Life Unfolding

Through rainy thoughts Spring has its way with me Look into my longings And what they bring forth Check my desires and delights I do not fear your scrutiny What can bring greater contentment than to know my soul's winter will Find its spring?

Missing Mexico

Refreshed from sleep eyes open wide in silence and light here I lie   Holding fast to the beauty seen and now gone in stillness the picture's within   I long for the air the moisture and heat climbing rocks crave sand on my feet   I long most of all for Your touch on my [...]


Look up to the hills veiled in Light Look up to the vast space of Grace     How deep can Grace go? My uncertainty cried Fear is what I fear I know best   Look up to the lone standing tree     It points to the sky Reaching right, reaching left Pointing down to [...]

Last Day of our Trip

It came up out of nowhere. The tall umbrellas, once far from the shoreline, were now nestled in water. The boat headed out had been beaten back, unable to mount it. Specks looking like ants were submerged then reappeared with screams and shouts of laughter. Eighty yards out was covered with white rushing foam as the [...]

I Love You Because

I remember that his hand was still warm as I watched my father take it into his own, wrapping it—warmth against warmth. Sometimes that’s all we can do is hold on…   And I remember now, the bird with the yellow crown—like the yellow cap my brother wore—which sat in the rocks by the sea. [...]

The Wild Within

I dreamt of mosquito net canopies cascading from tree branches overhead in the wild and woke up in my bed in Mexico to buzzing in my ear. I picked up my phone hoping it would say 5:00 but saw 3:00. AP flashed across the top of my screen that there had been a bombing in Brussels. Oh [...]

Morning in Mexico

“No, I can't have my coffee yet,” I say to Todd who is walking all tall and handsome like towards me with a freshly dripped cup of coffee, just the right temperature and color. “I haven't had my pill yet." “Which one?” He asks. “Your Hair Essentials?” I laugh. He smirks. “They’re on the shelf. [...]

Airport Siting

She stood waiting, unaware of the world watching. Shifting her weight from foot to foot, her line took on that of a dancer. Fine hair swept off her brow revealed the elegant bone of her cheek pointing upward toward her perfectly placed bow. She was protected by the shadow of His strength and knowledge which hovered, not hindered. [...]

New Depths

Come down from the ladder Don't you know stubborn self? The only way up is down Come down from the heights Of self elevation 'Tis a gift to come down It's where you ought to be Down down deeper down Deeper still Deep into the heart From where the mouth speaks Why not, selfish self? [...]