9 thoughts on “Like a Bird

    1. Oh Lynn, only to you can I admit I sent this little guy to trash then pulled it back out. I hate to feel like I’m posting just to post and I kind of did. Sometimes it’s about waiting not writing. I struggle a little with that. Love you.


    1. Aww…Lynn, I have felt like such an outlier with all this because of the way I sort of fell into (dived into?) blogging. I made my own rules as I went, just to keep writing, learning lessons the slow arduous way, as I’ve done throughout my life. I feel like I passed a test or something, (listened and obeyed?). Anyway, this really touches my heart. There’s nothing more wonderful than being acknowledged by your peers, accept for Him. And doesn’t He use those in our lives to be His mouthpiece…?He certainly uses you which is evident in your life and in all you write and paint. I am so grateful for you. Maybe I can take a crack at these questions while I’m with My sister in Tucson. It looks fun. Thank you. May His blessings flow on you this day. Much love, ❤️Deb


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  2. Deb,

    It frustrates me that I am so late finding your posts.
    Thankfully I bookmarked your site the last time your posts quit
    showing up in my Reader list.

    Your words make each who reads them ‘a beautiful bird’.
    There is such love and faith reflected in this piece and in
    all your work.

    Thank you for sharing your space.


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